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NO BT Internet Dialup access check | BT lost YOUR details? | BT removed access to your POP3 mailbox too early? | Dialup not working? | The Intelligent Landing Page | Cut off again!!! | Still paying for your SurfTime package after leaving BTOPENWORLD?

IMPORTANT: Before you call the 50p/minute line check your modem and everything else works fine using another pay as you go dialup account ( get one set up with one of the free CDs you find all over the place).... this will save you calling 50p minute over a BILLING screwup the TECHNICAL people can't help with if your hardware is 100%.....!

A lack of free lines (ie. modems at BT too busy) will ALSO generate a host of error messages.... use the same "spare" account to see if you can connect to a proper ISP.......

Support help? form here does the same as 50p/minute

Billing help? form here

You can contact the BT Billing Team via: BT Openworld Narrowband Billing Telephone: 0870 2414567

BT Broadband? .......May God have mercy on your soul!

BTOpenworld SCREW UP: sign you off Surftime and you lose POP3 access even when "paid up"? (18.07.2003)| Home

Ok, as I just moved to a real ISP ( and 512k ADSL from MuppetLabs BT 33.2 dialup, I called BT to cancel my subscription to Surftime.... LO AND BEHOLD... instead of cancelling the payments and allowing me to use the POP3 access until the end of the month ( I was paid up until then)...

THEY SUSPENDED POP3 access.... got BAD LOGIN errors BUT could webmail though!

Sent off an email to support and got this back...

To: johnbullas@
Subject: Internet.Billing (RK/AR) <<#0-2878642#>>

Your Reference Number is 7840870.

Thank you for your Email dated 19th July 2003 regarding your BT Openworld account.

I understand from your Email that you wish to restore your SurfTime account till July 31st 2003.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

As requested, I have activated your SurfTime account and the service starts from 21st of July 2003 and you can use the service till 30th of July 2003.

If we can help you further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for using BT Openworld services.

You may contact us further by email at or by calling the BT Openworld team on 0870 241 4567 (8.00am-midnight, daily. Calls to this number are charged at national rate. There is a 5p minimum charge).

Best regards,

You may contact us further by email at or by calling the BT Openworld team on 0870 241 4567 (8.00am-midnight, daily. Calls to this number are charged at national rate. There is a 5p minimum charge).

Best regards,


BT Openworld Billing Support Team

To Manage your account online please visit

To lodge a NEW request please visit

This electronic message contains information from BT Openworld, which may be privileged and confidential. This information is intended for use only by the individuals or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify me by telephone immediately.

BT Openworld is the mass market internet access division of British Telecommunications plc
Registered office: 81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England no: 1800000

--- Original Message ---
Received: 07/19/2003 08:49am Romance Standard Time (GMT + 2:00 )
Subject: John C Bullas

Logged form/email request:

Date submitted:
Sat Jul 19 7:48:14 GB 2003

Details supplied in form by user:

BTinternet Billing Query E-mail:
Billing E-mail



John C Bullas

I have just switched ( 2 days ago Thurs PM) from Surftime (offpeak) to "pay as you go", however It appears that I cannot access the 0844 number anymore, am I correct in saying I will be credited for the remainder of July as I have paid up front for Surftime until end July?

Please confirm I will be credited for the period from 2 days ago to End July OR arrange for the Surftime access I have paid up from for to be restored to enablee me to "use it up"

I Still want to be on PAY AS YOU GO terms BUT do not want to lose anything I have paid up front for OR not get credit for it


John C Bullas

Send e-mail

Details obtained from browser/server:


IP address:

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)


------ Please do not remove your unique tracking number! ------


Cut off again 30 July 2003!!!| Home

After requesting a swap to Pay as You Go when I moved from BT dialup to NILDRAM broadband

BT internet billing:

#1 first closed my POP3 Access via my paid up Bt Surf package down

#2 reinstated it to use up the remainder see above.......

#3 then accidentally deleted my email account

I have asked for compensation! Wish me luck

#4 then restored it (email below), now have webmail POP3 read but no POP3 sending.. OK



From: BT Openworld W1315 <>
To:Subject: Re: Internet.Billing (RK/AR) <<#68074-2882380#>>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 18:54:35 GMT
X-Mailer: eshare NetAgent v.5,02,027

Ref: 7840870
Dear John,

Thank you for your email.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. We have activated the account and is now on the BT Pay as you go tariff as of 24th July 2003.
Please note that the dial up number for this is 08457560000

We apologise for the mistake.

If we can help further, please email the BT Openworld team at or call 0870 241 4567 (8.00am-midnight, daily. Calls to this number are charged at national rate. There is a 5p minimum charge).

Yours sincerely

BT Openworld Billing Support Team.

BTOpenworld SCREW UP: They don't know where I live! (15 05 03)| Home

After living where I am for the last 7 months ( and paying my Openworld subs as part of my phonebill) BT suspend my dialup & access to email because.... my address details are wrong....( circled) !!!!! 2 minutes later.. I'm back on after filling in the online form!! What are they checking my details against to verify the new ones are correct??????

Here is an Email I got after the event once......

Dear Mr Bullas

Our ref: 3244893

Thank you for your recent email

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues regarding the connection to your SurfTime account.

When you try and connect to your account do you receive any error messages, if so try dialling the access number from your telephone handset.

If you can hear the modem tones then you may have issues with your PC and connection settings, if you cannot hear the tones you may be experiencing issues regarding network congestion.

BTopenworld are aware that customers may be experiencing some difficulty in connecting to the Internet using the BTopenworld platform.

To alleviate this problem we will be instigating network management activity and adding additional network capacity on an ongoing basis. We will continue to monitor the impact of these activities to ensure that network performance continues to improve.

For further assistance, please see the following URL:

Kind Regards,


From: "nprytherch"

BTopenworld Narrowband Support
Technical Advisor

BTopenworld Billing:
BTopenworld Technical Support:

Should you prefer to speak to the BTopenworld team directly you can contact us on:
BTopenworld Billing: 0870 241 4567
BTopenworld Technical Support: 0906 302 3456*

*Calls to the Technical Support Helpdesk are charged at 50 pence per minute from a BT line.


The Intelligent Landing Page: email from BT (12 June 2003) | Home

This latest technology is UNMITIGATED SHITE and actually connects you up to a dialup you can't use! look at your modem.... its connected but you have no access to ANYTHING...

This thing will pop up when you dialup unsuccessfully..... suggesting you have all sorts of things wrong and suggests the billing and address details are incorrect blah blah blah... It will also do this if THEY have screwed up your settings, like suspending your POP3 access if you terminate your agreement before the end of the month you have paid up until!

To check to see if your password and username are ok set up a "pay as you go" dialup with freeserve or ANYONE ELSE.. use this to check your modem using the relevant settings FOR THAT DIALUP and everything is ok!

While looged on visit the BT WEBMAIL portal on the BTOpenworld website... now see if your username and password work there and you can read your email...

since the login details ( username and password) are THE SAME for the BT email as for the BT DIALUP.. if it works for the mail it should be good for the dialup........

SO..... UNLESS you have moved address or telephone number it is unlikely that following the links from the ILP will do you any good BT might have screwed up but it will be BILLING not TECHNICAL!!!!

I have experienced the ILP popping up for all sorts of reasons....

The word according to BT.......

the Intelligent Landing page is the next stage of the BT Openworld ICM software to help our internet users to figure out and rectify connection issues themselves. When a user has a problem with their connection, e.g. error 691, or authentication failure, instead of closing down the connection you will be directed to the Intelligent Landing Page (ILP). When a customer fails to authenticate correctly instead of simply disconnecting them we actually allow them restricted access. They will be re-directed to the ILP page from which they can access self-care -but not the Internet in general.

This page is intended to direct the users and promote 'self help' and 'self correction' thus reducing the need to call the helpdesk.

Their authentication problems will be diagnosed, customers will be presented with an explanation of why the problem occurred and give both guidance and access to self-care links in order to resolve the issue.

If you are getting the same ILP when connecting to BT Openworld I would suggest you to try out the following steps in order to resolve the issue.

Please read the instructions carefully before trying any of the suggestions. If you're in any doubt at all, or you need some help, please contact the BT Openworld team before you change anything. BT Openworld cannot be held responsible for misuse of this information.

Do not follow these instructions if you're connected to a network, or your computer is at any time part of a network (e.g. laptops used both at work and home). Changing settings on a network computer can affect the entire network. BT Openworld will not accept liability for any damage caused. If in doubt, please contact the BT Openworld team.

Solution 1:

1. Please ensure that you are using the correct dial-up username, password and dial-up numbers while connecting to your Surftime daytime or evening tariff.
2. Please ensure that you are using the correct dialler to connect at that particular instant of time. You should use 0845 7560000 number to connect during 8 am to 6 pm and 0844 0404005 dialler after 6 pm and weekends.
3. Please ensure that you have got Caller Line Identification (CLI) enabled for your dial-up number for which you are getting this issue. You can do this by contacting our billing team.

You can contact our Billing Team via the contact details listed below:

BT Openworld Narrowband Billing

Telephone: 0870 2414567

( 8.00 a.m - midnight, daily, national rate, 4p minimum call charge).


4. Please check if you have got any firewall enabled, in such case try disabling the firewall.
5. Please clear your temporary Internet files and cookies. You can do this in the following manner. I have provided steps for Windows 2000 if you have any other operating system please contact me to get the correct procedure to do this.

Open Internet Explorer.
Click on Tools menu and then click on Internet options.
On the general tab under Homepage section click on 'Use blank' and then

A new window will pop up.
Under 'Temporary Internet Files'
Click on 'Delete Files' tab.

A new window will pop up.
Click on 'OK',

You will be back in the previous window.
Click on 'Delete Cookies'.

A new window will pop up.
Click on 'OK'.

Now you have deleted temporary Internet files and cookies.

Under 'History'
Click on 'Clear History' tab.

A new window will pop up.
Click 'Yes'.

You will be back in the previous window.
Click on 'Apply' and then 'OK' button.

Periodic deletion of temporary files enhances the accessing capability of web pages.

6. I would also request you to try resetting your password to '12345678' and then try connecting if you are able to connect then please change your password back again to your original password. If you are unable to connect to internet and still getting ILP then please write back to us. You can change your password through internet if you have third party ISP installed in your system at that time by following the link given below
Or you can call up our billing helpdesk to reset your password.

Dialup Not Dialling up? | Home

Use a spare pay as you go service to check your equipment is OK then suspect

NB: Modems "as standard" will NOT dial out over a "message waiting" tone!

#1 lack of free lines at BT

#2 BT billing screwup

NO BT Internet Dialup access check

Still paying for your SURFPACKAGE with BT after leaving OPENWORLD? | Home

Since BT have the interdepartmental communication strategy of a room full of snubbed Trappist monks with earplugs in and cut vocal cords.....

When you sign off your Openworld dialup, they do not tell BT Billing to stop ALL the charges for the SURF PACKAGE that gives you the cheap call deals along with the internet access... wgy can't your unsubscription trigger a message to BT Billing....???

THEREFORE YOU MUST CALL 0800 150 111 and go through to billing enquiries and cancel the BT surftime package stuff you are on that will still relate to the dialup access you just changed to pay as you go....!!!!!

If you discover this in the middle of the month they will still refund pro-rata....

See the extracts of my BT bills ending in July 2003 ( while still signed up to OpenWorld Surftime)

Extracts from my BT bills in August / September 2003 ( While on Pay as you Go)

Notice the BT Openworld charge has gone WHY THE F**K can't they let BT Billing know to cancel a SurfTime service now hanging in free space


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