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About the New Searchable I.M.E:
The Internet Mini Encyclopaedia

based on an original idea by Scott "Lake" Beavis


HTML'd, FTP'd, Hosted and Generally Maintained for The Author Scott Beavis by John "Fatbloke" Bullas and Simon Dummett

How many Mini Owners have accessed the IME site?...........

THE I.M.E. serves as a guide for owners of Mini cars and contains advice and information on all areas of Mini construction, maintenance and driving. OWNERS OF BMW MINIs and COOPERS: as there is little modification information around, consult the mini list first!


The information provided in THE I.M.E. is compiled from articles submitted by readers and from extracts taken from the AND Mini InterNet International (M.I.N.I.) email mailing list. It is provided as is, and no guarantee of correctness can be given. Some information contained within these pages may be incorrect. Please do not blame the administrator for this, as his job is purely to upload the releases to the web. The submitted articles are not checked for correctness before uploading. If you see something that you think is wrong, please notify the administrator. No responsibility can be accepted for inaccuracies in the information held on these pages.

READ THIS: If you don't feel happy, or are uncertain about, carrying out modifications to your vehicle you might want to "ask the listers" as well, join either or visit the Yahoo Groups minilist and sign up. Ultimately if you have ANY further concerns you should seek PROFESSIONAL ADVICE and/or not do the work yourself.

"Only doctors and civil engineers bury their mistakes, mini owners run them into walls or off the road on bends".

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The IME is maintained by British mini enthusiast Scott A. Beavis and Hosted by John "Fatbloke" Bullas

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