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IMM 2000 Saariselka, Lapland, in Northern Finland

"I went to Lapland!"

Many Thanks to Scott Beavis for ALL the photos and for his and Kims (and everyone elses) support at the time
(FB was a bit! depressed) (Sorry Henk for the morose train ride back to Helsinki).. I took not a single photo :(

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Approx 3600 miles there and back


The minilisters caught the ferry from Newcastle. On the way Andy Murray's car broke down and couldn't be restarted. He & I ended up missing the ferry.

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...I crossed the Arctic Circle at Roveniemi by hitching: photos are of Scott Beavis and Crowd there ...

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Then on into Lapland, northern Finland. The landscape here was a real wilderness, just trees and...

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The hotel was in a small town called Saariselka situated about 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle...

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FB Centre Right looking.. well a bit depressed.....

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The view from the hotel room...herds of reindeer grazing...

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The next day we looked at the 160 other minis who attended the event. This one has a 3.5L V8 engine from a Range Rover, mounted on an Austin Princess gearbox giving 250bhp front wheel drive!

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On the Saturday evening there was a christmas meal (in summer!) and this was attended by...

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...Santa himself...complete with electric guitar and signing the blues!

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More beer FB Centre looking.. well a bit depressed with silly hat........

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On Sunday there was a run around the countryside...

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Scotts car got lots of attention!

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This photo was taken at 2am...Sun still shining!

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The last night in the bar. From left to right around the table...Henk, Henko, Scott , ME , Theo, Rik, Anne, and Andy...

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I Hitched a lift back to Rovaniemi with Pasi Ristimaki then train to Helsinki with Henk Burgler then a flight back to Sheffield

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