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Books From Fat Bloke™'s MiniList Library

These Books Provide a lot of the background information I refer to when answering posts to the mini-list!

The "Bibles" first!.......
 "How to Modify your Mini" (6th Reprint 1990)
by David Vizard
(ISBN 0 86343 0414) Published by Fountain Press, Surrey.
Ideal book to read about what your Dad might have been doing to HIS Mini, nothing about Metro brakes or anything that was developed to fit the Mini since the mid 70's - good history book or ideal for those looking for the "sideburns and nylon rollneck pullover" look



"Tuning BL's A-Series Engine" (reprint of 2nd Edition 1990)
by David Vizard
(ISBN 0 85429 732 4) but this time published by Haynes (see below)
This book goes through the "why" and "therefore" of tuning the A Series, why head modifications work, all the buzz words you need for the pub meets and a vision of the greatest A Series engine of all time, READ THIS BOOK when you start designing your dream "lump" THEN ask around (the machinists, other people who have built their own engines) to find out what is needed. Vizard goes into the sort of mods you might only need for "knobs-out" racing BUT REMEMBER the book tells you what you CAN do not what you MUST!
 "How to blueprint & build a 4-cylinder Short Block for High-performance"(1997)
by Des Hamill

(ISBN 1 874105 85 5) Published by Veloce Publishing, Dorchester
IF YOU ARE BUILDING AN ENGINE- BUY THIS BOOK... it lets you know what might go wrong, what could go wrong and what WILL go wrong with your 140bhp 1380 fire breather if you don't follow the easily understood and VERY well illustrated tips to sucessful engine building, A-Series blocks are mentioned in passing but this book is really the Haynes of the Engine! A MUST FOR THE BEGINNER and the BUDDING GENIUS


Now to Haynes Manuals ....
 "Mini Owners Workshop Manual" ('69-'91 all models excl. Turbo)(1991)
(ISBN 85010 718 1) Published by Haynes Publishing Group
The essential background book for all routine mechanical work on your mini AN ESSENTIAL
 "Austin Metro Owners Workshop Manual" (1990)
(ISBN 1 85010 515 4) Published by Haynes Publishing Group
If you fit any Metro sourced parts (MG Metro or Metro Turbo Engines, brakes or other parts to your Mini you need this book for reference

"Automobile Electrical Manual" (1983)
(ISBN 1 85010 005 5 Softback 0 85696 818 8 Hardback) Published by Haynes Publishing Group
An ideal book to read if you are rewiring or "playing about" with the wiring of your Mini, it describes the principles of everything electrical on your 'Min AND helps you make sense of the loom diagrams in any other book!
 "SU Carburettors Owners Workshop Manual" (3rd Edition 1984)
(ISBN 1 850 10 059 4) (US- 1 85010 018 7) Published by Haynes Publishing Group
An great book for carrying out your own servicing and rebuilding of your beloved SU carby, also check out the needle listings in the back!

"Automotive Brake Manual" (1995)
(ISBN 1 85960 202 9) Published by Haynes Publishing Group
Another excellent "Background" book covering everything to do with brakes, tools, problems BUT nothing specifically mini


"Automotive Tools Manual" (1995)
(ISBN 1 85960 203 7) Published by Haynes Publishing Group
This one helps you sort out your torque from your ratchet, a comprehensive guide to avoiding split knuckles
Haynes Publishing Group,
BA22 7JJ,
Distributed in the USA by:
Haynes Publications Inc,
861 Lawrence Drive,
Newbury Park,
California 91320 USA


Other Workshop Manuals
"Brake Handbook" by Fred Puhn (1985)
(ISBN 0 89586 232 8) Published by HPBooks Los Angeles
This one caters for the Indy Car racer in the mini owner BUT the trouble shooting pages at the back make it worth buying!

"Step-by-Step Mini Service Guide" by Lindsay Porter (1994)
(ISBN 1 899238 01 8) Published by Porter Publishing Ltd, Hereford, England
Far better at telling you the day-to-day things you need to know about servicing your Min along with lots of useful pictures "a picture can tell a 1000 words"

also by Porter Publishing...

"Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration of the MINI" by Lindsay Porter (1989)
(ISBN 0 85429 379 5)
A picture by picture description of welding sills, welding A panels, rebuilding gearboxes and the like, essential reading for the Robinson Crusoe contemplating his first A Series rebuild

Other Books worthy of consideration
 "Race And Rally Car Source Book" by Allan Staniforth (3rd Edition 1992)
(ISBN 0 854429 848 7), Published by Haynes (see above)
if you want to know why your road tuned Mini would be run rings round on a race this book. It covers the development testing and tuning of thoroughbred race cars
 "Mini Cooper & S" by Nigel Edwards (1997)
(ISBN 0 86288 180 3), Published by Greenwich Editions, London.
Lots of car specific histories and excellent photos for the repro fans
 "Essential Mini Cooper" by Anders Ditlev Clausager (1997)
(ISBN 1 870979 86 9), Published by Bay View Books, Devon.
Like Nigel Edwards book BUT far more technical info such as production figures, colour schemes and identification numbers
 "Mini" by Mark Steward (1989)
(ISBN 0 85045 875 7), Published by Osprey Publishing, London.
Again a "lots of pictures but little text" book BUT it is a book which covers all aspacts of the Mini in terms of what has been done with the 1959 design through the years
 "Mini- A celebration of the World's ultimate smallest car" by Graham Scott (1992)
(ISBN 0 600 57454 7), Published by Hamyln, London.
What a coffee table book, again lots of pictures but NOT a workshop manual!
I look forward to receiving your comments (latest ISBNs for later editions etc..) or any other titles you think are worthy of listing E Mail me! ....You might also care to take a look at David Cunliffes Mini Book Review pages , for comments on these and other books

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