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COO ........the 1275GT (ex-Clubman)

 Here he is in 1998!  94 bhp at the flywheel (not amazing but holding together well!)

UPDATE 5th June 2004

Here he is in 2004!  98 bhp at the flywheel (not amazing but holding together well!)

The Photo (left) was taken on delivery of "#9" on 18th April 2004, a rapid restoration project to swap the cage and running gear from "NVR" is reaching completion for attendance at IMM2004


The red body shell seen above was condemned on return from the IMM in Switzerland in 1998 and reshelled into "NVR" a White Mini 1000, COO/NVR was then put into storage in 2000 in Manchester, on recovery in 2004 the body shell was so rotten (see left) that ANOTHER reshell was called for!!!!!!

Now re-christened Number Nine, written "#9", the car is Natuilus Blue with an Arum White Roof, formerly the pride and joy of Flying Pig, Colin!!!

The "spec" below has been changed

NO COIL OVERS... these damaged the shell

K&N Torque Ram fitted on a modified HIF6 ( 2 springs and a HS6 dashpot)

NO lamp pod as yet :(

NO multi clock dash either (

Else everything is about the same


1330cc (+0.060" overbored) 1275cc Allegro Block (Mike's Granny's Allegro VDP seized block 5!)  : 37x29 Avonbar head, Aldon Yellow non-vac dizzy, orange clutch diapragm, standard non-sprung plate, lightened backplate and flywheel, MiniSport non-vernier (offset Woodruffed) cam belt kit, Piper 285/2 blueprint cam. Lucas sports coil (DLB 105 or DLB 110 if ballasted), Lumenition Ignition System (PMA control box Optronic Contactless Ignition), Bosch quad electrode spark plugs, Rover 220 GTi (Tomcat) oil cooler and Mocal remote filter head/block adaptor. Sheffield Mini Bitz 2 Core special rad and Kenlow fan, standard 1275GT gearbox with Mini Spares centre oil pick-up and standard diff for year.


Metro turbo disc setup ( ex Metro 310 van) with Mini Bitz Sheffield slotted and drilled vented discs, Avonbar mini to metro brake hose conversion kit, aeroquipped throughout, Speedex beam axle conversion (no back subframe), Gas Spax shockers all round (coil-over rears with 180lb springs), Mini Sport Heavy Duty Adj. Tie rods, RoverSport Neg Camber arms, Customised GB alloys.


Luke 3 and 4 point harnesses, Alloy Navigators foot-rest, Drivers Clutch foot-rest, 2.25kg Plumbed in BCF fire extinguisher, 2.25kg AFFF hand held extinguisher, Magnum fibreglass bucket seats, Full Safety Devices cage plus dash- floor- and harness- cross-braces, Peter Lloyd Rallying 4 gallon alloy tank in boot. Seat-, companion pocket-,

(Old shell) and rear bulkhead- panels removed, Road & Stage (Morcambe) strut brace and arch turrets fitted.


Ammeter, voltmeter, vacuum gauge, oil- and fuel- pressure, oil- and water- temperature gauges, TIM rev counter Multiple fuses and relays on up rated loom with rover 820 alternator and Minisport (ex ABS- Hull) 4 lamp fibre glass pod, Wipac halogen conversion: total 6x55watt +2x60w on full beam! .

Ian Curley Racing (Mini 7 Champion) carbon fibre standard mini drop front, (now removed) Ripspeed ERA Turbo bonnet scoop, steel bonnet

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"A Typical Pitstop!"

NOT THE COO!Thank You Rocky Frisco

Coo's Appearance in the very first Snorty cartoon

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