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Welcome to the COO Photoalbum! 

COO has undergone a few changes over the years:
Top left - Original Vermillion colour with poor quality fibreglass one-piece front (note the 4 Super Oscars on the lamp brackets!
Top right - Resprayed vermillion with white roof, now fitted with a carbon fibre 2 piece saloon front
Bottom right - hand painted bold red - 2 small 50w spots
Bottom left - Now resplendent with her ABS 4 lamp pod )4 x 50w)

Left as built - Clubman... right as she is now - a standard saloon front

Coo surrounded by the competition @ Marenello Consessionaires in Staines (filming a TRL promo)

Resplentent sub bonnet shot!

COO has appeared in a number of magazines, this was a report on the 1992 IMM at Deventer in Holland I did a write up for (September 1992 "Fast Car Magazine"), COO is hiding behing Mark Rogers (with 293 on her door). COO featured in an earlier copy of Fast Car when her Speedex Beam Axle was fitted

Left - Losing it on Croft at Mini World Action Day (from MiniWorld September 1996)... never take driving tips from an electronics engineer!
Right - Travelling back from Southern Mini Days (from MiniWorld October 1996) the oil cooler had been vandalised by some low life scumbag

Left - COO and friends at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (IMM 1996)
Right - COO about to be loaded up for the trip BACK from IMM 1995 @ High Chaperall (Sweden)

The COO cockpit:
Top left - multiclock dash with "nice-n-big" warning lights
Bottom left - Terratrip intercom, Magnum bucket seats, Luke harnesses
Top right - Clutch out before tea? no problem!
Bottom right - Ford Transit oil filter for good measure

Mention for the list in Mini Magazine (February 1998 issue purchased on 28.12.97!), gotta keep pumping the list, ain't I?

Until the next IMM!......goodbye

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