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THE MINILISTERS HALL OF FAME!! Updated March 4, 2004

August 1993

A letter + pictures from Chuck Heleker (don't know if he's still a list member ? he sure was then)

August 1993

Anne & Henk van Brakel (bottom right)

Frank Marx in MW


Fatbloke and COO whirly-gigging at MWAD at Castle Combe

Fatblokes Article in MM

Fatbloke's Article on the Old Minilist

Fatbloke and COO at SMD

Captain Kens MLMKen Report


Fatbloke and COO in Holland (IMM)

FB and Others (Gareth, Huw, Colin etc,...) in WM

IME gets a mention in Clasics Magazine!

Captain Ken in MiniWorld

Ian and Elaines Wedding covered in MM


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Mini Magazine Oct 03

Practical Classics Oct 03


Practical clasics Sept 03

Mini Magazine Sept 03

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