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Welcome to the FatBlokeRacing IMM 98 Photoalbum!

These pictures represent only a "snapshot" of the fun we all had in and around and on the way to and back from Morges!

Not even Callum McLeod could hide from the momentous occasion!

We fortunately found time to eat lunch....(McDonalds on the way to Stutgart)

....and dinner.....(Chinese near Henks)

Driving Hundreds of kilometers with only bread and water to sustain us! (I mean Rocky)....

We found the obscure......(at the IMM).. a 6 wheel Clubby!...

...and a Paul Smith German Replica....

And the profoundly confusing....(village near Spa)

We climbed hills...(view from the top of the Hills near Morges)

And rallied around for comfort.....(in the Hills above Morges)

But finally, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel

Many like minded Mini Owners joined our cause.. (check out the lister sticker in the racer at the line up at Zandvort!)

We grouped up to "hit the track" at Spa.....

For some, the view was magnificent (Gernot's view in COO)

.....and for some it was not....(Johns view of Gernot in HIS car)...

We raced around (Spa) pointlessly until we joined ranks to go to Stutgart!

We met Frank Marx (NL) on his way back from manouevres... and took trophies!

We took in the sights on the way to Gabys AND became a sight in ourselves!..

Q. Anyone know where we are?... ( A. in the Hills (!) near Morges)....

Rocky was had money to burn, so near Henks he looked for something more exciting to burn!!!! "EEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!"

As Usual COO needed the odd bit of attention to......
The cooling system near Stutgart!

And the Clutch at Morges.....

Traciis Timing needed a look see @ Gernots Chalet

On our return we pondered the fate of the 180,000 french troops that fell in the Battle of the Marne (this was the 100ft (33m) tall memorial)...

Hope you enjoyed the photos, you really had to be there!

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Until the next IMM

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