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Moo "The Psycho" Ey - Catchphrase "I have to be over there RIGHT NOW!" Undoubtedly holder of the Cat Lounge Speed Record.

RIP Bitsy, 1987-2004 Joined the team 08 December 2001

Buried next to an Mitsubishi Evo IV because all she did was play around it for the past few weeks.

BITSY The Fruitbowl racer!!! ... OR B!tchy Cat as she was more commonly known...BITSY was used to circular tracks such as are provided by fruitbowls... A NEW DIRECTION for Litter Tray Racers.... will it catch on?

He Bullied us into Putting 3 Pictures Up!

The Master of the "Off", The No-Holds barred Litter Tray Rogue...

Extracting Jimself from another crash during the famous "Drivin' Divan" Series

A File Shot from "Performance Pussy Monthly"

Testing next Years Chassis!!!! A real POD racer (added 29 11 02)

Joined the team 03 MARCH 2002

Jakey "Wildgoose" Lamb joined 03 March 2002

Mowgli - joined 20 April 2002

"He's reallly an overweight sloth-like puss with a penchant for swiping at you as you walk away who prefers the yard to a litter box, so I guess that makes him a rally type guy. He's shown here in his 'power up' mode of unspecific rage, watch out or he'll swipe at you. (melindaonehalf - san diego, ca)

Charley Cat submitted by john England

Charley - joined 27 July 2002

Here is Benson, to whom a car is an Everest to be conquered, and "runt"

Benson is 4 and a half years old, a Burmese cross and is known by all the locals for walking in uninvited and making himself at home. Peter

Benson - joined 15 August 2002

Here is Basil, brother to Benson, from the same litter but with a different father! Ask your vet about that one. Basil did not like his brother being famous so he insisted on inclusion.

Basil - joined 04 October 2002



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Send me 30-60 words in a text file (if you like) and attach a Jpeg/GIF image no larger than 400 x400

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