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Bertie & Bungle - joined 21 Jan 2003

Chlöe - joined 21 Jan 2003

Bertie - joined 21 Jan 2003

Dearly missed Bryan Busby (RIP, now resting in peace in our garden with the snowdrops
after being run over by a train, his remains kindly returned to us by a railway worker- Thanks Mark from Bitterne)

Joined November 2002, Died February-April 2003

Boris ( aka "Fang", the non-pedigree Chartreux) : New to the Pits February 2003

Bianca "B"( White & Tabby) : New to the Pits February 2003

Steve Panter Introduces his three candidates for Litter Tray Racing...

Sally Table
Gemini IV
Apollo McTavish

Sally is a dedicated Formula 1 fan, but I hope you don't hold that against her. All three of them enjoy an hour or two of Scalextric on a winter's evening, especially if the car has a piece of stilton wedged into the cockpit. (joined L.T.R. 26 April 2004)

Sally on her Birthday

Gemini on her Birthday: Wednesday, June 2, 2004, poor little gemini passed away today following a lengthy illness. she'll be hugely missed, especially in the kitchen when the fridge door is opened, but it's nice that she made it to the team before tempus fugit got her.

Apollo In't Garden

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