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"......The New MINI, a better car, but not as important"
Jeremy Clarkson "Top Gear" BBC2 UK Television



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What TopGear readers had to say about the BMW MINI here!

**NEW** Music to sing along to in
your BMWMINI (if you are stupid)

Just "A Mini Forgery"? Photos!

MINI UK not involved in Mini45 Celebrations



Cars to Drive Before you Die... #32

Recall Jan 2003 (Handbrake Could Release) & Bonnet Insulation

Recall Dec 2002 (Auto Oil)

MINI Recall (Gearbox linkage)

MINI Recall (filler cap)

BMW just Protecting "the MINI name"?



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CRASH the new Mini Cooper at just 5mph and
you're looking at a repair bill of $1,500 (£1,000). MORE

MINI for 500 QUID!!!

1 x BMW £500, 3 x rolls insulating tape £4.50 = 1 x BMW MINI... Priceless :-)

Who owns F**kMINI.com?

Why would a BIG company
buy up these URLs, why? what do they have to lose if they don't?

Who HAS been looking at this site?

The Test Drive

"PHOTO LEFT: illustrates a quirky result of fate that will endear the hardened drink-driver to this car... knobby pint glasses are a no-no though.. STEINS... forget it!"...

Pepper or Chilli Pack?

"State-of-the-art multiplex wiring has also allowed engineers to create deliberate 'bugs' in the car's electrics..."

MINI Cooper S..
Best Thing since Sliced Bread?

"Following several beyond-glowing write ups in major car magazines the Mini Cooper S is to replace sliced bread as the best thing ever"

Just Bad Luck or What?

"Got a phone call later on to say that the car won't be picked up today because it was booked in in 2003!..."

Just "A Mini Forgery"?

Cooper S Review by Epinions.com

The Bottom Line: I approached the MINI hoping for a small car with razor sharp reflexes. Instead, I found a small car with the refinement and amenities of a near-luxury sedan

Mini (NOT MINI) in the park!

Strong Words?

"The Mini has ceased production but somehow the mini name has be scrounged from the dead. They are nothing but ghouls, grave robbers if you will..." (An American Mini owner 69 Cooper S Mk2)

BMW is heading for a record year, but how
bright is the outlook? - Aug 2002

Now there is a BMW Mini and it is losing money

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on REAL Minis

"....At less than four grand, my old Mini Cooper is absolutely epic value. Nothing for the money delivers the same bonkers amalgam of fun, character, attitude and personality. So if you canít afford the 14-odd grand for a new Mini Cooper, donít despair.

At a quarter of the price, the real thing feels so much more special."

The Alleged BMW MINI Recipe for World Domination:

FIRST Take ( ie buy) ONE allegedly badly run Car Manufacturer..... Rover Group

THEN Remove and discard all parts not likely to be of value commercially and sell them on......

THEN identify the businesses most likely to be benefiting from using the now VIGOROUSLY copyrighted trading name MINI that are helping to preserve the existence of the OLD car with the SAME NAME as the NEW ONE you want to sell.... that is safer and more reliable and made by BMW and not Rover.....

THEN Write to these same businesses asking them to stop using the name MINI (THAT YOU NOW OWN) in their company name....

(UNLESS you expect that they will say "go on then...... sue me" OR they might be of enough commercial value in selling parts for the new car......)


YOU not having any great interest in...

A) continuing supplying either the car they are supporting (classic Mini)


B) supplying the parts that these traders are already supplying (for a car you have no interest in manufacturing) YOURSELF

ADD a pinch of sour grapes to the pot....

Simmer for a few months while hoping that you were not expecting to sell many of the new recipe cars to the current owners of the old one that just found their favourite Classic Mini Parts dealer was spitting feathers because he can no longer be "Bradford Mini Centre" for example


Try to avoid displaying evidence of the fact there were other cars called Minis manufactured before yours came along!

NB: this policy should be reviewed based on the folklore surrounding the Mini in the country in question relative to their actual exposure, if the car is an ephemeral legendary little car that only sold in small quantities THEN the punters won't know what it looked like so that will be ok...


Click here to visit www.b3ta.com

When BMW actually accept the fact the REAL Mini existed before their creation AND that was WHY they allegedly bought the name... then things might be better!

BUT the views of others are stronger.......

Check out that "how very much like a certain new car
it looks" CRAZZEEEE XC9000!!!!

The XC 9000 was Designed in 1956 by Alec Issigonis..
Buy Rob Goldings Mini Book with these pictures.. HERE back to top


This wonderful game was sent to us by an anonymous benefactor, as seen on the "Notts About Minis" Website and will be removed from this site on request by the AUTHOR of the Shockwave Script, it is openly viewable from their site, they don't mind members having BMW MINIS among them..... but:

From Their Site:

Notts About Minis Referendum
We have a result!!! The decision from all those whom replied is as follows.

Owners of the small BMW will be allowed to join PROVIDED they own a classic, and that the small BMW is NOT brought to club meets, events and shows.

The referendum will most likely be held again next year so anyone who didn't vote this time can have their say.

"Llama is to sheep what new MINI is to original Mini"

Quote from MiniWorld November 2001

NEW! go see IZZY fixed yet? AND THE "It's A Mini Forgery" Gallery


WE ACTUALLY QUITE LIKE THE BMW AS A MODERN CAR (NCAP test results were ok apart from the fact the crash test dummy as too big for the rear seats) .....We have nothing to say wrong (broadly speaking) about it PER SE* ( ie. by or of itself) .. (*Don't believe us? read the test drive review)....


......... Site content is certainly not ANYTHING to do with BMW AG or MINI.COM.. come on.. get real! they might find it amusing though: Click HEREto email us ( all abusive emails will be reported!)..

At Last: The New MINI In-house Design tool for future Styling Modifications may well have been discovered by one of our spotters....?

Notice there might even be some of the legendary BL/Rover Panel Fit (sic) being taken into account on future models?



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