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The Mini Love Paraders:
The Organisers of Minilove

On the First of September 1998 I was fortunate enough to attend, along with some of my friends, the first ever Lovelogo_negative.jpg (31373 bytes)....... as part of their end of year submission (the  Fine Art MA Degree Exhibition held at Chelsea College of Art and Design), Nicoline and Simone invited me.... John "Fatbloke"Bullas and  my minifriends to take part in a choreographed event using "The Greatest Small Car of all time"

This webpage represents my view of events along with observations and photos from those closer to the activities of the College including Nicoline and Simone... without whom the event would not have taken place..

Afterwards..take a look at...... FBR_logo_sm.jpg (6830 bytes)....STEFAN STAFFER please get in touch!

stef_arrivals.jpg (18251 bytes)
"First Arrivals"

stef_overview.jpg (19781 bytes)
"Lets get in place"

stef_overview3.jpg (26370 bytes)

stef_overview2.jpg (18213 bytes)
"What Happens Now?"

stef_nico&simonelooking.jpg (19287 bytes)
"Do You Know, Andy Murray?"

stef_simone&nicoline.jpg (27284 bytes)
"Sort out which tape belongs with which car"

stef_beer&wogbox.jpg (15353 bytes)
"Rhythm & Booze?"

stef_coo1.jpg (28310 bytes)
"COO... what a mini!"

is_it_art.jpg (54511 bytes) by Katina Kosta...  "Oh Yeah?" sticks-in_hair.jpg (47885 bytes)

wide_view.jpg (94288 bytes)
The Love Paraders from the Mini-List (and elsewhere)

blackgirl_in_coo.jpg (111070 bytes)

Minis are for everyone!

stef_kids_in_voo.jpg (13414 bytes)

coo&jb.jpg (101335 bytes)
Me (right) with M.I.N.I. teeshirt and the famous pants

cool_shades.jpg (108679 bytes)  stef_cooldude.jpg (27534 bytes)
Mini Owners are Really Cool.....

stef_cool_buns.jpg (23814 bytes)
But NEVER Politically Correct!

mrvoo_1.jpg (118409 bytes)
Mr Voo (Tom's Car) with floral enhancement

nicoline_explaining.jpg (60340 bytes)
Nicoline explaining how the brush strokes in the paint on COO was achieved!

stef_nico_side.jpg (25068 bytes)stef_nicoline.jpg (30470 bytes)
"Nicoline at Work"

nicoline_videoing.jpg (102643 bytes)
Nicoline videoing the event for posterity..Editing by Simone later in Munich!

orientalgirl&voo.jpg (90452 bytes)
What is she looking at?

pigtail_voo&nico.jpg (78132 bytes)
Mr VOO again!

simone&principal.jpg (109640 bytes)
Simone sharing a joke with the College Principal!

tagging.jpg (109480 bytes)
"Tagging" Mini Style on the College Walls!

tiffany.jpg (147674 bytes)
Andy Murray's Tiffany

stef_spags_doris.jpg (26817 bytes)
Spags "Doris"

stef_me_leaningincoo.jpg (19162 bytes)
"COO was after attention"

stef_viewthrucoo.jpg (14942 bytes)
"The View Thru' COO"

MANATWORK_ANI.GIF (2089 bytes)

From the Fine Arts MA Exhibition Book

Untitled by Nicoline untitled_by_nicoline_van_harskamp.jpg (70744 bytes)        27_by_simone_boehm.jpg (53450 bytes) "27" by Simone

and ™ Nationally, Globally & Galaxially ex Laptopus John (Fatbloke) Bullas

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