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MLM Ken..... "Let's do it again"

Minilist MLM Ken 1999

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the condemned ate a hearty breakfast @ Cass's

"The condemned ate a hearty breakfast @ Cass's"

Gentlemen.. to your BMW's?

"Gentlemen.. to your BMW's(?)"

The Journey Up!

The Journey Up!

Waiting for Jolyon Wherret!

Waiting for Jolyon Wherret!

The Locals were friendly if not confused!

The Locals were friendly if not confused!

we stopped for a break en route!

"A Welcome Break at a Welcome Break"

"Hold the front page"
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Click on the paper for a readable version!

"The Good"? Daryl Rennie

"The Good........"

"The Bad"? Andy

"The Bad........"

..........And Graham

......And Graham!

outside_kens.jpg (26289 bytes)

"The Clan @ Kens" (Lillian [Mrs Ken] bottom right)

ken_outside.jpg (25856 bytes)

"Ken (left), Nik (middle) and Andy (right)"

near_the_wall.jpg (13498 bytes)

"En Route for Hadrian's Wall"

ken_on_the_wall.jpg (23197 bytes)

"Ken and Lillian (left) and the rest of the clan"

"We counted them out and we counted them back!"

"On the way back"

Ian awake!Ian asleep!

"MLM's fail to refresh the parts sapped by 300 miles in a mini!"

The Author attempting to hide from Cass behind a surgical glove!

"Hope you enjoyed my MLM Ken 99 page!"


The End!

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