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COO's Modification List Pictures I'm proud of this Google search result (PDF)

Front inner wings trimmed back to shock absorber mountings
- strength restored using MOT bars between front subframe and inner wing stubs
Rear wheel arches turretted to support weight of vehicle due to use of coil-overs
Rear wheel arch lip removed and gap plated
Rear Valence bolted on
Airbox cut in front bulkhead for air filter clearance
3 piece aluminium/steel dash board
Front subframe mounting points in floor pan re-enforced with steel plates,
rubber subframe mounts replaced with steel items (top teardrop
mounts are aluminium) Rear of shell is deseamed with seam weld inside

Avonbar conversion kit Metro to mini
Brake lines inside car (combination of aeroquip and copper)
- all flexible hoses are aeroquip INCLUDING CLUTCH Metro 310 van 4 pot calipers with vented discs on front

MG Metro inlet manifold
K&N 6" deep air filter
Metro 13/4" HIF6 Carb

Austin Allegro expansion tank - radiator neck brazed to suit
Aerofan - variable pitch cooling fan on water pump pulley
Phoenix Radiators 4 core Radiator
Kenlowe electric Fan

Lucas 52mm Ammeter
Lucas Vacuum gauge
Lucas Voltmeter
Raceparts Oil Pressure Gauge (capillary)
Raceparts Fuel Pressure Gauge (capillary)
Connections to removable front via caravan connector plugs
Lucas 52mm Water Temp Gauge (electric)
TIM 80mm Pod Tacho
Lucas 52mm Oil Temp gauge (electric)
Rover 820 Alternator and uprated charge circuit (60A)
TerraTrip Professional Intercom fitted
Vehicle recently rewired using all new components (fused/relayed loom

Nylatron bushes in engine tie rods
K&N crankcase breather
Additional engine tie rod at bottom to front of subframe
Avon bar ultimate engine steady
MiniSport LCB Manifold
Piper 285 Blueprint Cam
MiniSport Alloy Sump Guard
"*96bhp at flywheel"1275 Allegro block bored +60 thou engine to 1330cc and decked to give 11:1 Compression
MiniSpares LC40 side exit exhaust
MiniSport Cam Belt Kit
MED x-drilled and wedged ni-temped crank
Alsop sourced 37mm (inlet) ~ 29mm (exhaust) cylinder head

Fuel line runs inside car via fuel cutoff tap near to tank
Pro-fuel inline filter near fuel tank
Pro-fuel pressure regulator between carb and fuel pump
Facet Silver Top (Road/Comp) electric fuel pump
Peter Lloyd Rallying 4 gallon aluminium tank mounted in spare tyre well

Lucas Sports Coil
MicroDynamics RL-3 Rev Limiter
Aldon Yellow (100AY) Distributor
Lumention Contactless Electonic

Wipac halogen headlamp conversion kit fitted (dipped heads stay on when high beam is illuminated) 55w/60w lamps
High Level brake lights and twin rear fog lights fitted
MiniSport 4 lamp (4x55 watt) lamp pod fitted (linked to vehicle high beam only)

Mocal remote filter head and adaptor
Braided hoses to fit above
Rover 220GTI oil cooler

Amstrad CB radio
NB. Value of standard 1275GT T Reg - unmodified

NB: Harness eyes welded to roll cage elements
Ignition and fuel pump cut off switches on windscreen panel, dashboard and switch box by passengers side (in addition to standard ignition switch)
Auxillary switch box by passenger door (wipe/wash, flash/horn, ignition cut off)
All power runs through 12 Battery lead runs through car
All electrics run through Master Cut Off switch on dash
Quick release battery earth terminal
Luke 3 point harness for passenger
Luke 4 point harness for driver
SPA 2.5kg handheld AFFF fire extinguisher
2 Magnum GRP bucket Seats
Full Safety Devices Roll Cage with door bars, welded diagonal, extra bracing across dashboard and between rear cage feet - (for bottom harness mounts) and seats (for top harness mounts)
SPA 2.5kg plumbed in BCF extinguisher system(one nozzle in engine compartment)

Triumph Herald track rod ends to give enough adjustment to get straight tracking with neg camber arms
Steering column lowered and secured to cross-dash rollcage bar
Mountney Steering wheel & boss kit

Standard rear subframe removed
Nylatron bushes on front bottom suspension arms
alloy 10mm spacers on rear, sleeve nuts fitted to rear to suit
Adjustable Heavy duty tie rods on front
Negative Camber arms on front
Alloy Hi-Lows and Spax adjustable shock absorbers on front
GB 5x12 alloy wheels running 155/70/12 radials
Rear Subframe replaced with Speedex beam axle with Spax coil-overs (1301b springs)- mounting points have been replaced (1995)- uses standard radius arms

Orange Clutch cover STANDARD PLATE
Centre oil-pickup pipe
Lightened flywheel and backplate (by MED)
Red Line (German) Quickshift gear stick

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