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CPUFAN connections and swapping high speed fans for variable ones

Windows Messenging used to send On-screen "Spam"

FTP package coming to front | Drag and Drop not working

Outlook Express is PANTS

My Win2k Lan doesn't work 100%

Convincing the ADSL modem it is alive down a 9 pin DSUB wire

Linking a Smart-UPS to your PC by cable

Silencing a modem for good ( control strings no good)!

Error messages from servers and sendmail? Whats a 404 compared to a 501?

UPS monitoring systems and Modem use (COM PORT dedication to a non existant cable)

FBR goes broadband!!!

SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY (S&D) restricts access to options access in MSIE

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CPUFAN connections and swapping high speed for variable speed fans | Top

Fitting a Thermostatic Fan 1300-4800 rpm (Thermaltake Volcano 11 A1607 fan) on a Jetway V.830CH/830CF A09 07-24-2002 Motherboard with Detect CPU Fan replacing old ADDA CPU fan AD0712HB-DA6 (4200rpm)

PC will not boot unless it gets an RPM pulse thru CPUFAN above a certain level....

Emailled Reply!!!!

Dear sir

This is cpu protect function , If your cpu fan speed under 3000 rpm ,
It will auto shutdown ,

Please go to BIOS SETUP disable the function
please clear cmos data first and press "DEL KEY" when you boot up system ,
change the setting to DISABLE

Best regards

----- Original Message -----
From: <service>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2003 1:18 AM
Subject: Tech Feed Back

Have fitted Thermaltake Volcano 11 A1607 fan (Xaser
cooling fan variable speed by sensor or user select): the V830 CH
Motherboard protects from no CPUFAN and will not boot unless fan running at
middle / high speed connected to CPUFAN, how can I disable the protection to
enable this fan to be used in thermostatic mode or low speed mode?
> Many Thanks
> John C Bullas
> UK

It worked!!!

Note: the wires to the thermostat under the CPU must raise it enough to stop it lodging in the socket, can't get it to boot with the temp sensor in place!

Windows Messenging (Popup Messages) On Screen "Spam" (10 June 2003) | Top

Receiving unsolicited "pop-up" messages via a known, exploitable weakness in the Windows file-sharing protocol?

Software programs such as IP Messenger or Xazoo advertisers are now able to send advertisements straight to your computer via your IP address using software automatically installed in Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Disable some of the Windows file-sharing ports!

Disabling these ports addresses several very real security concerns and can also eliminate various forms of attack, most notably the unsolicited pop-up messages.

Under Win 2k Control Panel, select Administrative Tools. Select Services. Double-click on Messenger. In the Messenger Properties window, select Stop, then choose Disable as the Startup Type. Click OK.


How do I disable Windows Messenger?

In Windows XP:

(1) Select "Start"
(2) Choose "Control Panel"
(3) Choose "Administrative Tools"
(4) Choose "Services"
(5) Right-click on "Messenger"
(6) Select "Stop"
To permanently disable Messenger:
(7) Right click "Messenger"
(8) Select "Properties"
(9) Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled" and click "OK"

In Windows 2000:

(1) Select "Start"
(2) Choose "Programs"
(3) Choose "Administrative Tools"
(4) Choose "Services"
(5) Right-click "Messenger"
(6) Select "Properties"
(7) Click "Stop" To permanently disable Messenger:
(8) Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled" and click "OK"

like this....

What about Windows 95 or Windows 98 IP Messaging?

Although the technology for this type of IP Messaging is available in Win95/98, it was in the form of a program called WinPopUp. It can be installed or uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs. In Windows 95, it is found in the Accessories section, while in Windows 98 it is installed through System Tools.

Although the version in Win95/98 and the version in Win2K/XP are not compatible with each other, they do offer an interesting way to communicate between computers (as long as its not abused).

The messages looked like this..

<photo when found>

FTP or other package "coming to the front" (11 June 2003) | Top

When a package that is running keeps "coming to the front", this is called "grabbing focus"

This can be remedied by a download of Tweak UI A Wicked "Hidden" Microsoft Power Tool!!!

Drag and Drop not working? (12 June 2003) | Top

Ok: before resorting to mucking about with your registry, check your mouse has not been the recipient of a dose of banging face down on a hard desk by an aggrieved user: try a spare mouse before killing your PC (hot swapping should be ok unless a USB mouse on a wanky system)! I discovered my Intellimouse was so destroyed it would not talk to the PC and was sending bizarre signals down the line enough to slow the PC down!!!!

Outlook Express is PANTS, EUDORA is the dogs bollocks/mutts-nuts/terriers testicles | Top

Having struggled with OutlookExpress up to version 6 and having had numerous corruptions of the directory struture and databased files that we VERY difficult to recover from I decided to move to EUDORA MAIL it is free is sponsored but CHEAP to buy.....

Excellent setup easy filter creation, the desktop is different to OE but BETTER!!!

Click for big!

They even off webmailaccess to all your POP3 acounts via:

For the last 3 months it has resisted all attempts to be broken, it might happen one day BUT Eudora kicks ass!!!

Win 2k Home Networks: it won't let me access another PC!!!!! (21 June 2003) | Top

Just had fun getting my Home LAN working again!

The upshot of lots of people saying "It's Zonealarm causing the problems" missed an important point....

Check the options you have installed from the properties box on the LAN connection

If you can't see IPX/SPX/NetBios compatible do dah your network will happily work when you use it for printing via print server, will deliver content via http:// calls to the login pages of print servers and stuff BUT will give you 9 shades of shit when it comes to print sharing!!!!

WARNING, unless you need to change files on another PC on your home LAN, set privelages to read only, the other machine is within walking distance! This option will make any hackers life a lot more difficult

You might explore "WAKE ON LAN", a built in function of more recent cards? Other cards offer it via a cable to the motherboard, this one works down the bus....

Shut the machine down on standby and it starts up on the LAN being accessed by another machine!

Good links for networking here: | and here:

Convincing the ADSL modem it is alive down a 9 pin DSUB wire (22 June 2003) | Top

Ok, bought an ADSL modem/router on Ebay, it refused to display the setup screen when veiwed down a browser at

Trawled the net to discover this unbranded thing was an ACEEX model also sold as Alcatel and given away by some UK ISPs

47 page MANUAL here as PDF

Someone else had woes over getting it to work! It needed resetting interogation down a 9 pin cable using Hyperterminal ( a Windows app)

To do this needed a 9 pin Cable! The author of the last page emailled me to tell me:

The cable came with my router, but according to the manual the pins are simply:

Pin 5 = Signal Pin 3 = RX Pin 2 = TX Where looking at the port on the router you have:

\1  2  3  4 5/

 \ 6 7 8 9 /

The configuration of the pin numbering is here ( top left is 1 for male plugs (pins) whereas top right is 1 for female plugs (holes)

OK.. to make the cable I took an old serial mouse ( has 9 pin female terminator using pins 2 3 & 5), chopped the mouse off and soldered

a 9 pin male end on... Male end in the ADSL Modem, female in the PCs serial port

RESULT ? Cable works fine

The F**KING ADSL Rouer will not talk to me via http:// BUT since it was only 25 quid, if Russell can get it to work on his PRIMEX ADSL account I will keep it!

Linking a Smart-UPS to your PC by cable (22 June 2003) | Top

#1 Ok, my APC Smart-UPS 700 was running as a dumb power supply and was not using PowerChute shutdown software, to do this it needs a..... 9 pin to 9 pin cable

#2 Managed to acquire a 9 pin male to 25 pin female serial cable off someone who told me it was a UPS control cable: stripping it down revealed wires on 1 & 2 and 4&6 (bridged!) connecting to 21 6 and 8 trying this cable gave nothing!

Now trying to get the blueprint for the real McCoy!!! Anyone got the cable layout for a console cable for a APC Smart-UPS 700

#3 Intend making one up out of a 9 pin female to bare end cable from a Palm Pilot docking station..

#4 Many thanks to Brian Lavender for this


 Signal Computer                  UPS
         DB9F                     DB9M
   RxD    2   --------------------  2  TxD  Send
   TxD    3   --------------------  1  RxD  Receive
   GND    5   --------------------  9  Ground

APC would not tell me the wiring configuration (I did ask)


RESULT ? Cable works a real treat..... saving of £45 ... thanks Brian.. UPS now firing on all cylinders

Stop a modem without a speaker switch neenahing when control strings can't be used (29 June 2003) | Top

Ok, I share my dialup connection over my LAN using a U.S. Robotics Broadband Router (Model # 8000-02) that defaults to dialup if no broadband connection is found

Normally you can shut up the speaker of most modems by adding the control string in the modem setup: M0 (em zero)

BUT: the router doesn't allow for these controls to be used so I had to get more basic

#1 open the modem after you are earthed out

look for something the size of a cube of sugar but black, round and probably near "SPKR" on the PCB (you could run the modem up out of the case and listen for the noise

#2 remove the speaker (unsolder) or reconnect it via an inline switch accessible from outside....

WARNING: this worked ok for my old generic 56k modem but removing a componant from a system might not have the same result as disabling via software (ie. it might go quiet because you blew it up!).......

IDEA: running the modem out of the case exposes the PCB to possible damage but looks sexy in a geeky way ( like I built it), might go to Maplins and buy a clear case for it....

Trying to make sense of error codes when viewing bounce messages on yahoo! groups? (29 June 2003) | Top

Added a nice list here

UPS software? Dialup connection fails: "797" errors, "port already open", "port in use" errors, modem install goes to COM2 with nothing in COM1, modem installs fine, BT Openworld dialer software falls over.... (18 July 2003) | Top

Ok, until the nildram broadband arrived last week I was sharing a dialup over a US Robotics 8000-2 Broadband router than was set up to use a dialup rather than connect to an ADSL modem..........

I got hold of a Smart-UPS at the same time and palying around made a COM cable up to link the PC to the UPS via the COM1 port

Since the software was overkill I pulled the cable BUT even though there were no signs on the systray the packages were still running.... BUT THEY WERE

With the COM1 port being grabbed by the APC Powerchute package the dialup fails saying the port is already open (Opencomm "port aleady open" error dialog box), repeated attempts to re-install modems will be successful or force the modem to use COM2 ( no COM2 on my motherboard)

I thought it was a conflict between the dialup over the router and more recently due to the broadband connection.... BUT NO

Uninstalled the Powerchute UPS packages and dialup works fine!

FBR goes Broadband.... (18 July 2003) | Top

Bit the bullet and signed up for broadband via NILDRAM, they come VERY highly recommended... only 2 minutes to set it up.... 33.2k connection with BT (consistent)... compared with 492 Kbps 60.3 K bytes/sec!!!!! Nildram look to be one of the fastest around too they are as fast as phuck. I connect via a combined LAN router and ADSL modem......

logged #1 ...... Nildram 449.7 Kbps 236.2 Kbps

so BT openworld dialup (56k flex modem) on the same line gave me 6.7% of the speed!!!!!

ALSO the dialup that comes with the ADSL from Nildram

S&D Screwed up access to my MSIE options.... (04-Feb-2004) | Top

However, if Internet Exlorer starts delivering this error message...

"The operation has been canceled due to restrictions in place on this computer......." (windows 2000 professional screenshot)

AND you have either just installed S&D or have modified its settings

......You may need to change some of the settings in Spybot Search & Destroy AGAIN! MORE HERE


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