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RIVRUN 2002, a 97 'Min, a 79 'Spit, a Ford Capri and a few beers ~less damage to Tallulah than last year! therefore more fun had by ALL


Tallulah As God Meant Her to Be!!

Lined up with the other "Classics": Rogers 'Spit and Niks Capri

"The pseudo-professionals"

Littlewoods Catalogue Cafe Society

Go Get them Bodie & Doyle!

Cafe Society #2

If Music Be the Food of Love...?

WD40 did f**K all!

Achtung Spitfire!

Changing Rooms?.....

Tallulah waiting for her Ice Cream!!!

Cornish Genetically Modified Tomato-egg!!!

Helen: "Look at the size of that sausage!"

BMW MINI promotional team?

Launched using compressed air?

Some travelled home less than ideally!

.. nice cartoon spotted: see more of a similar ilk

Fun was had by all!!



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